Water Line Repair

Keep your water running with Carlong Plumbing. Expert leak detection, repair, and full replacement services to ensure your home's plumbing integrity.

Professional Water Line Repair & Replacement

With our specialized water line repair and maintenance services, we address any challenges you might face with your plumbing system. From leaks that whisper through your walls to the silent creep of water bills, we're here to ensure every drop counts.


Water Supply vs. Waste Management: Your home's plumbing system is a tale of two flows: water lines bring life into your fixtures, while drain lines carry away the used and unwanted.

Leak Detection and Repair: We identify and repair leaks within your water lines, whether they're inside your home or underground on your property.

Full Water Line Replacement: When repairs just won't cut it, we're equipped to lay down new lines, from the street to your meter, guaranteeing a rejuvenated flow to your home.

Identifying Water Line Problems: Signs of water line issues include visible water leaks in your home, unexpectedly high water bills, or water pooling on your property.


For leaks inside your home, we precisely locate and access the problem area, performing necessary repairs while minimizing disruption to your property. We handle all aspects of water line replacement, from the street to your home, ensuring a reliable water supply.


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