Camera Inspection

Carlong Plumbing combines advanced diagnostics with expert solutions for your plumbing needs. Experience precise, efficient service with a personal touch.

Precision Plumbing Diagnostics & Repair

Our team is equipped with the latest in plumbing technology to ensure we can solve your problems efficiently and effectively. Our advanced camera and locator tools allow us to not only identify any issues within your sewer lines but also pinpoint their exact location and depth, saving time and reducing the need for extensive excavation.


Our advanced camera systems provide a clear view inside your sewer lines, identifying blockages, damages, or any irregularities without the need for invasive procedures. This technology ensures we understand the problem fully before proceeding with targeted solutions.


With the help of our sophisticated locators, we can determine the exact location and depth of your plumbing issue, streamlining the repair process. This accuracy not only saves time but also significantly reduces the need for extensive yard excavation, preserving your landscape.


We believe in transparency and education. During our diagnostic and repair processes, homeowners are invited to watch and understand what's happening within their plumbing systems. It's a great opportunity to see our technology at work and gain insights into the health of your sewer lines.


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