Sewer Odor

Banish unpleasant sewer odors with Carlong Plumbing. Our experts diagnose and resolve odor issues with advanced techniques.

Sewer Odor Detection & Elimination Services

Discovering an unpleasant odor in your home can be both distressing and confusing. At Carlong Plumbing, we specialize in diagnosing and resolving the sources of these odors, ensuring your living environment is fresh and welcoming. Understanding the cause of these smells can often lead you to a quick solution or highlight a need for professional intervention.


Dry Traps: A common culprit for sewer gas odors is a dry trap. Plumbing fixtures are designed with traps that hold water, creating a seal against sewer gases. Infrequently used fixtures can have their traps dry out, allowing gases to escape into your home.

Damaged Vent Pipes: Sometimes, the cause of the odor is not as straightforward. For example, a vent pipe damaged by drilling can release sewer gases. Over time, even metal drain lines can corrode or crack, leading to similar issues.


Routine Checks: For infrequently used fixtures, periodically running water can prevent traps from drying out. This simple step can often eliminate odors before they start.

Expert Diagnosis: When the source isn't immediately apparent, Carlong Plumbing utilizes techniques like smoke testing to identify leaks or breaks in sewer lines, even those hidden behind walls.


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