Expert Plumbing Inspections for Homebuyers

We understand the importance of ensuring your potential new home’s plumbing system is in excellent condition. A standard home inspection may not cover all plumbing aspects thoroughly, which is why a dedicated plumbing inspection is crucial. Our comprehensive plumbing inspections provide peace of mind and can save you from unexpected expenses down the line.

Why You Need a Plumbing Inspection

When buying a home, a general home inspector might miss critical plumbing issues. Our specialized plumbing inspections focus on identifying potential problems that could lead to costly repairs:

  • Detailed Examination: We inspect all major fixtures, including kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower valves, and waterlines.
  • Material and Condition Check: We assess the type and condition of your home’s plumbing materials, checking for any signs of wear and tear.
  • Previous Repairs: Evaluating past repairs helps determine if they were done correctly or if they might cause future issues.

Advanced Inspection Tools

Unlike general home inspectors, we use advanced tools like sewer cameras to get a comprehensive view of your plumbing system:

  • Sewer Line Inspection: Our cameras can inspect sewer lines for potential blockages or damage, providing a clear picture of their condition.
  • Prevent Costly Repairs: Identifying issues early can save you tens of thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Benefits of a Professional Plumbing Inspection

A thorough plumbing inspection offers several advantages for both homebuyers and sellers:

  • Peace of Mind: Know the exact condition of your plumbing before purchasing a home.
  • Negotiation Power: Use the inspection report to negotiate repairs or pricing adjustments.
  • Selling Point: For sellers, a clean bill of health for your plumbing can be a strong selling point.

Trust Carlong Plumbing for Your Inspection Needs

With over 25 years of experience, Carlong Plumbing is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide you with a detailed and accurate plumbing inspection. Our team, led by Jamie and Pete, ensures that you are fully informed about the condition of your potential new home’s plumbing system.

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive plumbing inspections
  • Advanced sewer camera inspections
  • Expert advice and maintenance recommendations

Don’t risk unexpected plumbing issues in your new home. Contact Carlong Plumbing today for a thorough inspection and ensure a smooth home buying experience. Let us help you make informed decisions with confidence.

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